Pack light, pack right and stay organised

OneBag is a simple to use mobile app to help you plan your own perfectly tailored packing lists.

Start Packing
OneBag app on a Pixel 2 XL

Create custom packing lists to fit your requirements

Split your items into categories and bags that suit you and the type of trip you're taking. Every item you add is stored in your own personal inventory, making future trips a breeze to pack for.

OneBag screenshot of packing list

Pack light and never get caught out by strict airline weight limits again

Weigh your items as you add them to your inventory and get a detailed breakdown of packed weight by bag and by category with the trip summary. Ideal for backpackers and hikers who need to lighten the load on their backs.

OneBag screenshot of trip summary

Get even more out of OneBag with premium features

OneBag Pro brings the ability to create templates, keep a separate past trips archive, export your lists to CSV, and more.

OneBag screenshot of templates